Capturing the golden essence of childhood

  Claudia Robin Gunn’s warm, indie-folk melodies capture the golden essence of childhood, offering a sparkling and whimsical lens on to the child’s world that is as sweetly nostalgic for adult listeners as it is captivating for little folk. This is a songwriter well versed in the big questions that little people ask. As some [...]

Children’s folk music dreamed up for festival

Little Ripples is children’s folk music dreamed up in the midst of family life in coastal Northland, New Zealand. As parents and teachers Little Ripples felt a call to create music that speaks to the unique experiences of children growing up in Aotearoa and to connect with the hearts of the people raising them. Their [...]

Kids yearly favourite

Cara and Gavin have became firm favourites of the kids at past festivals and this year will be no exception as bring their unique  entertainment style and flavour to the kids area.

All Rhubarb, no crumble and the kids love it

"For the past 25 years Peter and I, travelling as the duo Rhubarb, have told stories and sung songs to children and adults around the world," explains Mary Kippenberger. "We have met astonishing children, librarians, teachers, judges, Bishops, lawyers, foster parents, doctors – the list goes on." It has been a privilege and a whole [...]