Mark Laurent has been a professional guitarist, and singer songwriter for nearly 40 years playing rock, blues, reggae, country, folk, and even dabbling in jazz. He can be found playing solo, in bands, and in duos, particularly with songwriter wife Brenda Liddiard.

The Auckland Folk Festival 2020 will see Laurent on stage revealing his solo musical talent and his graceful, gentle, immensely likeable, character.

He has an impressive musical CV recording numerous, penned over 200 songs, and worked as producer session musician on countless  projects, as well as session and sound engineering work for jingles, demos, and other musical projects.

Not only that, he has published four collections of poetry and an illustrated children’s book.

Laurent has such stature he no longer has to spruik himself as there are plenty willing to lend their voice to spread the word:

The highlight of the entire evening took place when Mark launched into some blues (to a discerning audience in a Blues festival town), during which he played blistering, brilliant acoustic guitar licks, while voice-mimicking lead guitar sounds note for note, nuance for nuance in a masterful display of technique and taste that stands as one of our Club’s most memorable performances to this day. Not only that, but he had ‘em alternately cracking up with laughter or grooving their butts off and clapping. He almost brought the house down!” – Mookx Hanley, Byron Vista Social Club, Byron Bay, NSW.

Mark Laurent at the Bunker – magic – seeing is believing – hearing is mind-boggling. Confirming the guitar hero status that he earned several decades ago, Mark’s guitar is just about as expressive as his vocals, and what a great songwriter! Listening to Mark is like being washed in Irish Cream. He sings from the heart, and it’s as much a pleasure watching the audience enjoying the thrill that he obviously gets from sharing his songs and musical gifts. It’s only love in the end, that’s all, and it shows in everything he does.” – Roger Giles The Bunker, Auckland

Mark is an artist who comes from the heart. His music speaks a universal language that seems to touch every audience he plays to. The atmosphere he creates is intimate, warm, playful and rich with meaning and a wise knowing of shared experience that bathes the audience with a sense of belonging.” – Rex McCann, Author