Little Ripples
is children’s folk music dreamed up in the midst of family life in coastal Northland, New Zealand.

As parents and teachers Little Ripples felt a call to create music that speaks to the unique experiences of children growing up in Aotearoa and to connect with the hearts of the people raising them.

Their sound is driven by three-part harmonies paired with the ukulele, guitar and double bass, together offering a soulful heartwarming sound. It is a sound that carries songs that promote connection and well-being.  Played over many years in their homes, or while camping in the bush, or at school and kindy, these songs have woven their way into the hearts of the children and families in their Whangārei community.

Little Ripples have self-funded and produced two albums, the first released in early November 2018. This album spread little ripples of hearty musical goodness for children and their families further afield, selling the majority of the first pressing.

Their second album Rise and Fall was released in September 2019 they are excited to share a new collection of songs and to continue connecting with families across Aotearoa on a Summer 2019/20 tour.