Keeva, are an Irish/New Zealand trio comprised of flute player and vocalist Alan Doherty, fiddler Tola Custy and guitarist Gerry Paul. Their music draws inspiration from the rich musical Pan-European heritage of Ireland, Brittany and Galicia; blending seamlessly personal compositions and edgy improvisations. The tunes showcase the virtuoso melody playing of Custy and Doherty, with the powerhouse rhythm of Paul’s guitar driving it on. Their shows are a musical journey; taking you through hypnotic motifs, to hearty ballads, to a groove as large as a herd of elephants stampeding.

Dubliner Doherty is well known for his time as front man of the Irish band Gráda, and as the flute soloist on the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, and more recently with his new group ALDOC.

From West Clare, Tola Custy is one of Ireland’s leading contemporary composers and session musicians. He also plays as the fiddler in trad super group Lunasa and his tunes can be heard at a music session in any Irish pub around the world.

Guitarist Gerry Paul has an impressive international touring history, having toured the world with various folk heroes including accordion maestro Sharon Shannon, Grammy Award Winning Bluegrass musician Tim O’Brien and long time member of Ravi Shankar’s band, flute player Ravi Kulur . He is also an international award winning songwriter, children’s author and director of New Zealand’s largest and most vibrant street festival, CubaDupa.

Collectively, the group have played in over fifty countries, at prestigious venues including the Sydney Opera House, Cambridge Folk Festival, Roskilde Festival, NZ Festival of the Arts, and WOMAD festivals in Australia and NZ.