Applications for the 2020 Auckland Folk Festival are now closed!

Our festival aims to present a wide range of folk, acoustic, traditional, modern and indigenous music, dance and related arts. We are particularly interested in expanding our programme of dance performance and workshops. If you wish to be considered as a guest, please complete this form and click the “submit” button. Your submission will be forwarded to the Festival Committee for consideration.

Guest Application 2

  • Your Details

  • Give a single paragraph (around 40 words) describing your act, as you would have it appear in the programme:
  • If asked to provide a workshop, what would you propose doing? This could include, for example, an instrument masterclass, a dance workshop, a kids performance or a songwriting workshop
  • NOTE: This festival is a non-profit event depending largely on volunteer labour. Please give a realistic quote on your performance fee and/or travel expenses. It is not usually possible for us to cover both fully. We are happy to negotiate on-site accommodation or campsite, and/or free attendance for your partner and children etc. Please specify your fee and other requirements
  • Any other notes or comments you wish to make?