The Auckland Folk Festival 2020 is next weekend and it is going to be stunner. However before you leave home, here are some tips to help everything go smoothly.

Packed programme

The programme timetable is up on the website, and the programme booklet –  your complete guide to the festival – is also available for online viewing or download.   Alternatively you can purchase a printed copy of the programme booklet at the gate. (We are charging $5 this year for the booklet to help us fund the fantastic line up, and to reduce waste).

Meet on the village green

To create a real family atmosphere this year the food vendors, market stalls and a stage are centred around a village green near the kids area towards the marquee.  This will be a great new place to hang out, meet your friends, eat, and listen to pop-up music.

Expanded camping areas

The camping areas will expand and be better laid out this year, leaving space for the new village green.  If you need your rest, you’ll find quiet camping area in the same place as last year.  We suggest you look at the new layout on the website if you are camping with friends.

Aiming for zero waste

In 2019 we got down to a few kilos of landfill waste per day which is an amazing achievement compared to the old days. Still, this year you can help do better:

  • Take your own plate, cutlery, and coffee cup to the village green and enjoy a zero waste meal
  • Bring a reusable water bottle
  • Keep recycling and compostables separate, and deposit in the labelled bins around the site.
  • As a backup there will be landfill rubbish bins, but please, if you broke your camping chair, or your tent fell to bits, take it home

Other things you should know

This is a family festival and if you are considerate, sensible, and safe, you will help this be great festival.  As you can imagine fires and pets, are no-nos. For other details and health and safety information check out the Auckland Folk Festival terms and conditions.

Doors open 9 am Friday- see you there!

Measles is still a risk in our community although thankfully, past the peak. If you have recently been in contact with measles or you develop a measles rash on site you must notify the ticket office who will contact a medical professional . They will direct you to your stay in your vehicle until seen. The best defence is immunisation.