Dance Dance Dance at the Auckland Folk Festival

Sure, the music tends to hog the headlines but for many young and old festival fans it is the dancing that deserves top billing. Once again, all weekend long, the dance hall will host evening dances, late night pop-up dances, dance displays and workshops.

The fun begins on Friday evening with the welcome Ceilidh dance with the Gaidhealtachd Ceilidh band. Everybody is welcome whether beginner or expert.  There is no need to be shy, everybody will be shown how the dances go and the other friendly dancers will help you if you get lost. It is all a lot of fun.

Over the weekend there will be at least 11 dance workshops making the Auckland Folk Festival one of New Zealand’s biggest dance festivals. Each dance display will be followed by workshop where you can learn those dances displayed.

Saturday sees displays and workshops with Playford Dances, Morris Dance, English early dancing, Scottish dance, Balkan Beats, and World Voices and Dance. For the kids there will be an afternoon dance run by Folk Dance New Zealand at the children’s stage. Nearby, under the trees fun May Pole dance lessons will be held three times a day.

Saturday is capped off with a huge evening Ceilidh dance with Rough Town.

Sunday is just as busy, with displays and workshops, including Irish set dancing, South American folk dance, the Colombian dance group, Cossack Sword dance, and Euro Gypsy dance throughout the day.

As the feature concert ends on Sunday evening, the late night dance begins with an invited guest dance band leading the exercise.

Watch out too, for the new village green and great food and coffee stalls. All in all this is a weekend where you simply won’t be able to keep still.