Cricket Farm formed in 2016 – they say it was out of desperation – and they have stuck around for the LOL’s. Frequenting folk clubs, house concerts and festivals these entertainers have gathered much love through their plucky little songs and amusing showmanship.

Back in 2017 Cricket Farm released their debut album Bending Spoons. 2018 saw the band gallivanting to far corners of the world chasing dreams and meeting in Europe to play shows. Back home now, Hayley and Sims are  in the DIY studio working with a few friends to complete their next release. This time the idea is to make it better but add even less frills.

Cricket Farm will be touring Aotearoa again this summer with some newly released music. At the Auckland Festival their cheeky banter are likely to have you crying tears of laughter while their songs and delivery might make you fall apart.

“…it’s really quite good.” – Rowan Evans (Wine Cellar)

Cricket Farm are:

Hayley Robertson – vocals, uke and clarinet
Sims Ross – guitar and vocals