Claudia Robin Gunn’s warm, indie-folk melodies capture the golden essence of childhood, offering a sparkling and whimsical lens on to the child’s world that is as sweetly nostalgic for adult listeners as it is captivating for little folk.

This is a songwriter well versed in the big questions that little people ask. As some of her little fans have said, Gunn’s kids songs are, ‘about real kiwi kids, and things that we do, and see, and think’.

Her latest release is a co-write with Kath Bee called Making My Way (2019) aimed at helping kids tread lightly in nature. Little Wild Lullabies (2016) was her debut children’s album, with two APRA award winning songs for Best Children’s Song of the Year. The album also made the finals for Children’s Album of the Year in 2017.

As her own children have grown so has Gunn’s catalogue expanded beyond lullabies, inspired by everything from kindy shenanigans, earth day, NASA discoveries and runaway octopus. These little wild songs have been popping up in Facebook Live shows, at school fairs, library story times, theatres, at the Auckland Zoo Band Rotunda, the Auckland Kiddie Limits festival, at Arataki Visitor Centre among the mighty Kauri and more besides.

For the past two years Claudia has staged an NZ Poetry Day show for kids, featuring classic poems set to original music, and over the past 3 years she ran bi-monthly Little Wild Storynights for small audiences at the Uxbridge theatre. These seasonally themed kids nights out featured original songs, original and classic story tales and supper. Claudia’s next release Little Wild Xmas is forthcoming for late 2019, including the song It’s Not a Silent Night which was a finalist in Radio New Zealand’s Christmas song competition as well as Xmas Unicorns co-written and performed with her daughter Ella. A prolific writer and busy mother, future song collections capturing some of her diverse output include Little Wild Kindie Kids, Little Wild Life, Little Wild Universe and Little Wild Stories.