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Saddest Song World Champion Berlin 2010 – hypnotic and original APRA guest

  Hypnotic and original Delaney Davidson has a CV full of other awards that are nothing to do with the saddest song. This year he makes a single appearance at the 2020 Auckland Folk Festival as the APRA (Australasian Performing Right Association) songwriter guest. Davidson describes himself thus: singer-songwriter, noir protagonist, promotional coyote, one-man band, [...]

Honey voiced singer songwriter a treat

Sewn into a unique tapestry of poetic songwriting and dynamic delivery, Ebony Lamb's diverse sound sits somewhere between Nina Simone and Gillian Welch with a glimmering of Karen Dalton to boot. A deep honouring of the song as a form of cathartic outlet to understanding the human condition has always been her focus, along with [...]

NZ Supergroup YME set to inspire AFF

LTR: Sam Frangos-Rhodes, Laurence Frangos-Rhodes, Nat Torkington, Kim Bonnington, James Geluk You, Me, Everybody is about gifting others their moment to shine, a celebration of the virtuosity of the individual and the camaraderie of coming together in a musical moment. Taking their inspiration from a range of musical styles, You, Me, Everybody start [...]

The pictures say it all

Sometimes we have to let the pictures tell the story...

A band, a not spiral-shaped graphic used to indicate swearing

A grawlix is a spiral-shaped graphic used to indicate swearing in comic strips, whereas Grawlixes are a Wellington-by-way-of-Dunedin indie-folk band intent on intelligent, infectious songs about relationships and not being invited to parties. Continuing the great lineage of artists who bring sadness to their melodies, Grawlixes’s music often deals in melancholy with self-deprecating honesty and [...]

Music for hopeless romantic conspiracy theorists…

Cricket Farm formed in 2016 – they say it was out of desperation – and they have stuck around for the LOL's. Frequenting folk clubs, house concerts and festivals these entertainers have gathered much love through their plucky little songs and amusing showmanship. Back in 2017 Cricket Farm released their debut album Bending Spoons. 2018 [...]

You won’t be able to keep still

Dance Dance Dance at the Auckland Folk Festival Sure, the music tends to hog the headlines but for many young and old festival fans it is the dancing that deserves top billing. Once again, all weekend long, the dance hall will host evening dances, late night pop-up dances, dance displays and workshops. The fun begins on Friday evening with the welcome Ceilidh dance [...]

Capturing the golden essence of childhood

  Claudia Robin Gunn’s warm, indie-folk melodies capture the golden essence of childhood, offering a sparkling and whimsical lens on to the child’s world that is as sweetly nostalgic for adult listeners as it is captivating for little folk. This is a songwriter well versed in the big questions that little people ask. As some [...]

Children’s folk music dreamed up for festival

Little Ripples is children’s folk music dreamed up in the midst of family life in coastal Northland, New Zealand. As parents and teachers Little Ripples felt a call to create music that speaks to the unique experiences of children growing up in Aotearoa and to connect with the hearts of the people raising them. Their [...]

Kids yearly favourite

Cara and Gavin have became firm favourites of the kids at past festivals and this year will be no exception as bring their unique  entertainment style and flavour to the kids area.

All Rhubarb, no crumble and the kids love it

"For the past 25 years Peter and I, travelling as the duo Rhubarb, have told stories and sung songs to children and adults around the world," explains Mary Kippenberger. "We have met astonishing children, librarians, teachers, judges, Bishops, lawyers, foster parents, doctors – the list goes on." It has been a privilege and a whole [...]

Geraldine sends award-winning vocalist north

Foxtrots A.K.A. Zoe Scott is an award-winning vocalist hailing from the small Southern town of Geraldine, New Zealand. Not much past 20 years and Foxtrots has already been awarded many national and international awards including the Overall Junior winner of the New Zealand Gold Guitar awards and Overall winner of Australia’s Coca Cola Battle of [...]

Mosaic of a cappella song and traditional dance

Hamilton's World Voices and Dance Folkus jointly present Balkan Beats - a mosaic of a cappella song and traditional dance from the Balkan regions. Festival goers will take an instant trip to the Balkan regions of Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia and Bosnia and more.   World Voices will lead a vocal workshop, and in a separate [...]

Ferreting out a good tune, then playing it

Recognised by many as the consummate trad performers Celtic Ferret's Ian Bartlett and Jean Reid have been ferreting out tunes and bringing them to us with skill musicianship polish and flair, and this time they are deservedly official guests.

The complete guest list 2020

Double Grammy winner Tim O’Brien to headline festival Tim O'Brien and Jan Fabricius Bracing ethos of Montreal-based band Rosier One of the great Irish singers to boost 2020 festival line up Andy Irvine Rich musical [...]

Auckland Folk Festival 2020 full line up poster

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Auckland Folk Festival 2020 poster

  © 2020 Auckland Folk Festival Inc. Poster may be downloaded and reproduced for media or purposes consistent with Auckland Folk Festival objectives.