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Images: 2020 guests (print resolution)

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Media release: Stellar lineup bagged for summer weekend of music

581 words Download this release as a docx 9 October 2019 2020 Auckland Folk Festival bags stellar line up for summer weekend of music A stellar range of overseas and New Zealand performers are set to make the 2020 Auckland Folk Festival the biggest and most exciting in its 47 year history. Held every Auckland [...]

Auckland Folk Festival 2020 full line up poster download

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Bracing ethos of Montreal-based band

  Folk music reminds us of where we came from and informs us about where we’re going –– or at least that’s the bracing ethos of Montreal-based band Rosier. A group who spent their formative years wrapped in rich, untouched musical traditions, they are just as attuned to the present and the future, challenging [...]

Edgy Irish tradition

  Singer songwriter Pauline Scanlon galvanized the Irish music scene with her stunning debut album, Red Colour Sun, produced by John Reynolds over ten years ago. Deeply immersed in the tradition yet completely aware of the edgier developments within the folk and world music realm, Scanlon is capable of making the oldest [...]

Flying home from Nashville for a gig

Tattletale Saints Cy Winstanley (guitar/vocals) and Vanessa McGowan (bass/vocals) live and play in the musical stratosphere, Nashville Tennessee. Now they are coming home for us and we will whistle and marvel at their success and we will know they deserve it. For both Winstanley and McGowan, a career in music was always on the cards. [...]

Authentic road poet’s world odyssey to include Auckland

International touring award nominated Canadian Gordie Tentrees will include Auckland Folk Festival 2020 in his travels. This authentic road poet travels North America, Europe, Australia, UK and Ireland, and with seven records behind him you will never find him repeating himself on stage. From Celtic Connections (Glasgow, Scotland) to the National Folk Festival (Canberra, AU) [...]

Power house English folk band brings new material

Powerhouse English folkies Faustus, spent much of the past two years researching and writing new material from the poetry of 1860s Lancashire Cotton Famine, resulting in powerful and moving new songs that they will bring to the Auckland Folk Festival 2020.  The new material has already lead to acclaimed for the five-track EP, Cotton Lords. [...]

Straight-talking, keenly observant roots balladeer

A roots balladeer with a rare personal warmth, Canada’s Scott Cook has managed to distill stories collected over a decade of near-incessant touring across Canada, the USA, the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, and elsewhere into straight-talking, keenly observant verse. He brings humour, a disarming honesty, years of roads, and a deep love of humanity to [...]

One of the great Irish singers to boost 2020 festival line up

A Lifetime Achievement Award last year at the RTÉ Radio 1 Folk Awards gives a hint about how the Irish see the extraordinary 50-year career Andy Irvine. Hailed as a tradition in himself with a voice that reaches into the very soul of Ireland, Irvine will bring his talent to the Auckland Folk Festival to [...]

Rich musical pan-European heritage

Keeva, are an Irish/New Zealand trio comprised of flute player and vocalist Alan Doherty, fiddler Tola Custy and guitarist Gerry Paul. Their music draws inspiration from the rich musical Pan-European heritage of Ireland, Brittany and Galicia; blending seamlessly personal compositions and edgy improvisations. The tunes showcase the virtuoso melody playing of Custy and Doherty, with [...]

Images: 2019 festival (print resolution)

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Energetic pop-up world music

Ethno New Zealand gathers young musicians from Aotearoa and the rest of the world for ten intense days of music, friendship and workshops culminating in a spectacular and heartwarming Auckland Folk Festival performance. Two exciting scholarships to Ethno NZ on offer from Auckland Folk Festival and [...]

Masterful display of technique and taste from one of our own

  Mark Laurent has been a professional guitarist, and singer songwriter for nearly 40 years playing rock, blues, reggae, country, folk, and even dabbling in jazz. He can be found playing solo, in bands, and in duos, particularly with songwriter wife Brenda Liddiard. The Auckland Folk Festival 2020 will see Laurent on stage revealing his [...]

Saddest Song World Champion Berlin 2010 – hypnotic and original APRA guest

  Hypnotic and original Delaney Davidson has a CV full of other awards that are nothing to do with the saddest song. This year he makes a single appearance at the 2020 Auckland Folk Festival as the APRA (Australasian Performing Right Association) songwriter guest. Davidson describes himself thus: singer-songwriter, noir protagonist, promotional coyote, one-man band, [...]

Honey voiced singer songwriter a treat

Sewn into a unique tapestry of poetic songwriting and dynamic delivery, Ebony Lamb's diverse sound sits somewhere between Nina Simone and Gillian Welch with a glimmering of Karen Dalton to boot. A deep honouring of the song as a form of cathartic outlet to understanding the human condition has always been her focus, along with [...]

NZ Supergroup YME set to inspire AFF

LTR: Sam Frangos-Rhodes, Laurence Frangos-Rhodes, Nat Torkington, Kim Bonnington, James Geluk You, Me, Everybody is about gifting others their moment to shine, a celebration of the virtuosity of the individual and the camaraderie of coming together in a musical moment. Taking their inspiration from a range of musical styles, You, Me, Everybody start [...]

The pictures say it all

Sometimes we have to let the pictures tell the story...

A band, a not spiral-shaped graphic used to indicate swearing

A grawlix is a spiral-shaped graphic used to indicate swearing in comic strips, whereas Grawlixes are a Wellington-by-way-of-Dunedin indie-folk band intent on intelligent, infectious songs about relationships and not being invited to parties. Continuing the great lineage of artists who bring sadness to their melodies, Grawlixes’s music often deals in melancholy with self-deprecating honesty and [...]

Music for hopeless romantic conspiracy theorists…

Cricket Farm formed in 2016 – they say it was out of desperation – and they have stuck around for the LOL's. Frequenting folk clubs, house concerts and festivals these entertainers have gathered much love through their plucky little songs and amusing showmanship. Back in 2017 Cricket Farm released their debut album Bending Spoons. 2018 [...]