Auckland Folk Festival

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10 String Symphony


10 String Symphony is an arena for mesmerizing acoustic innovation. Harmony vocals, soulful lead-playing, original compositions, timeless songs, percussive back-up, and ripping fiddle-tunes are all in the mix for this not-to-be missed duo. Hailing from Nashville’s thriving acoustic music scene, 10 String Symphony has “goose-bump instigating talent” (The Bluegrass Situation)


Ned Clamp and Pat Smith


Nurtured in the rolling foothills of the lower Rhondda Valley; and dumped on an unsuspecting public in the cunning guise of an energetic mixture of Welsh and American songs and tunes, skillfully played on concertinas, guitar, spoons and harmonicas.

 Dan Walsh

dan spotlight image 4 

Expect the unexpected extraordinary UK banjo player, singer and guitarist Dan Walsh. You'll hear some bluegrass but you'll also hear anything from funk, middle eastern, Irish, Latin and some fine songs from the man regarded by UNCUT magazine as 'the real deal'.


Mark Mazengarb

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Mark Mazengarb is an internationally recognised acoustic guitarist, currently based in the USA where he tours full time. Mark has worked with several well-known groups on the NZ folk scene (Beyondsemble, Fiddlelore, etc). Come out to hear some of NZ's finest guitar playing, tunes, songs and more!

Penman McNeill Alley


Haunting Scottish ballads,engaging, original songs of life and times in Scotland and America,comtemporary favourites -all performed with stunning vocals, exquisite guitar work and riveting percussion. Chris Penman, Bob McNeill and Dave Alley have been stalwarts of the NZ folk scene for years and have joined together to produce truly beautiful music.


Tamlin x500

 Eclectic is the word that best sums up Tamlin's repertoire and musical approach. Their set-list is a mix of dance tunes and song from the British Isles to the Balkans, from the USA to New Zealand. As much World Music as Folk, you'll see them swapping a wide range of instruments, including cittern, accordian, Hummelchen & Galician pipes, whistles, tambourines, fiddle, dobro and guitar.




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