Auckland Folk Festival

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Other Roads

Other Roads

Other Roads are one of the finest contemporary folk bands to emerge in recent years. Based in the UK, they also tour regularly in Holland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, and New Zealand. Pete Abbott, Gregor Borland, and Dave Walmisely draw upon the diverse backgrounds of Scotland. England, and Africa to create an exciting and original sound. They perform an eclectic mix of traditional, contemporary and origianal compositions ranging from soft lilting ballads tofoot-stomping Celtic fiddle tunes and choruses.



Reg Meuross


Reg’s clever and imaginative lyrics have earned him the title of “Master Storyteller”, and led Mike Harding (Mike Harding Folk Show) to introduce him onto the stage of The Royal Albert Hall as  “one of the finest singer-songwriters this country has produced”.

Whether it’s a village hall or the Albert Hall, Reg brings to the stage a collection of extremely beautiful songs, performed with humour and depth, and sung with the voice of an angel. Reg has that rare gift of being able to touch people, through his songs and performance, on a really human level. His words and music paint pictures that remain with the listener long after the song has been sung.


 Into the East

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Nominated for the 2014 Tui Folk Album Award and winners of the NCMA Country Duo of the Year for 2104, the festival welcomes Liv McBride and Graeme Woller back with open arms.


The Remarkables


The Remarkables are a 4 piece unit from Auckland, New Zealand, playing music that can only be described as “bluegrasscountryswing”. The repertoire varies wildly from the hot swing sounds of Paris in the 1940s to the smoky bar-rooms of Texas, with Bob Wills overtones and then mixed with the bluegrass sounds of East Kentucky.

The Nukes

the nukes 1 

The Nukes are New Zealand's premier original ukulele group. In 2011 they features as a part of the major TV Doco 'Bill Sevesi's Dream'. They released their debut studio album 'Each to Their Own' through Ode Records in 2012. This West Auckland trio of Ukulele wielding songwriters have toured the country from Russell to Bluff playng some of New Zealand's best known festivals.


Federal String Band


The Federal String Band feature tight three part harmonies and sing a unique range of styles, from railroad hollers and gravelly delta blues to country, gospel and the high lonesome sound typical of bluegrass music. They play a combination of acoustic stringed instruments and bring together a delightful collection of their favourite old and new Americana songs, from the traditional to the alternative. Their sound is heavily influenced by traditional American roots music. They perform in the styles of high energy bluegrass, lonesome blues, heartfelt ballads and country-swing, including rousing standards and their own compositions.




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